7 foods that can cause an allergic reaction in babies


Most food allergies in babies area unit caused by seven quite common foods. consistent with WebMD, these seven foods area unit to blame for ninety % of food allergies diagnosed in kids. If food allergies area unit comparatively rare, watch out once introducing new foods.

1. Milk

According to BabyCenter, two to seven % of babies suffer from associate degree hypersensitivity reaction to cow’s milk. However, although your kids area unit allergic to exploit whereas they’re still infants, likelihood is that this sensitivity can fade in adulthood.

2. Fish

Thanks to their high content of omega three fatty acids, fish is taken into account a healthy food that contributes to brain development. If your kid is allergic to fish, consult with your paediatrician. analysis suggests that omega-3 fatty acid supplements don’t essentially cause associate degree sensitivity.

3. Peanuts and daft

Peanut hypersensitivity reaction is that the most typical type of nut hypersensitivity reaction. BabyCenter says that concerning 2 % of kids suffer from it. However, nuts, like almonds, also can cause food allergies in babies.

4. Wheat

Most children will eat wheat while not associate degree sensitivity. However, if there’s a history of Crohn’s disease in your family, you must monitor for symptoms of Crohn’s disease by introducing foods containing wheat and alternative protein merchandise into your baby’s diet. Also, do not forget that Crohn’s disease is additional often diagnosed in adolescence or adulthood.


5. Soya

For organic process reasons, several folks provide their kids soy milk rather than cow’s milk. whereas statistically, soy milk is a smaller amount typically associate degree substance than farm merchandise, soy allergies area unit still common. Check the ingredients of the foods you feed your baby to visualize if they contain traces of soy. Soybeans area unit found in chicken stock, cereals and a few meat merchandise.

6. Eggs

BabyCenter says that 2 % of kids area unit allergic to eggs, however that this hypersensitivity reaction is probably going to disappear with age. If your kid is allergic, watch for foods which will contain traces of egg as a further supply of supermolecule.

7. food merchandise

Seafood, like octopus, clams and mussels, area unit among the foremost common allergens. However, folks ought to remember that kids World Health Organization area unit allergic to food aren’t essentially allergic to fish or maybe shellfish.

When to introduce these foods?

While some consultants suggest waiting till 3 years more matured before introducing these potential allergens into a child’s diet, Health North American country and HealthLinkBC say it’s best to introduce them one by one when six months more matured. These recommendations area unit supported studies that indicate that by waiting over four to 6 months before introducing potential allergens, it’s doable to derive helpful effects. By six months more matured, your baby can want the additional organic process intake that these solid foods will offer.

After the introduction of every food, watch for symptoms of a doable food allergy: hives, red eyes, swelling or blocked nose. If your kid cannot breathe, contains a swollen tongue, face or throat, has issue swallowing or if hives unfold, ask for medical attention instantly.