9 widespread varieties of apples and their uses


When you go to the grocery store, you may wonder what the difference is between all the varieties of apples available. This guide will help you choose the apple that best suits your needs.

1. Braeburn

  • The colour of the delicious Braeburn apple varies from red to greenish gold. It has a sweet and sour taste that can be almost spicy.

Since Braeburns do not sag with heat, they can be used for pies and baked apple rolls.

2. Cortland

Cortland is a popular all-purpose derivative of McIntosh apples with a crisp texture and a sweet and sour taste.

  • As its flesh does not brown easily, Cortland is ideal for fruit salads or dishes made with wine and cheese.

3. Fuji

Fuji apples are sweet and aromatic, making them a delicious choice.

  • Fuji apples can be stored without any problem at room temperature. The flavour of this apple becomes even sweeter after several weeks of storage.
  • They can be used for baking and compote and can even be chopped and frozen to make any sweets.

4. Gala

If you prefer a crisp, semi-sweet apple with a creamy, white flesh, choose a Royal Gala.

  • The Gala apple is ideal for a snack and perhaps deliciously associated with soft cheeses, and will keep its shape quite well when cooked.

5. Golden Delicious

This pale yellow apple is sweet and juicy.

  • When freshly picked, Golden Delicious apples are firm, but they lose their texture over time, especially if they are not properly refrigerated.
  • These apples are excellent raw and provide a perfect snack, but freshly picked they are also great for pies or chips.

6. Granny Smith Apples

This widespread green apple has a firm, acidic taste and a crisp texture.

  • Many people like to eat them raw, but Granny Smith also have a delicious taste when combined with other varieties in pies or crispy.

7. Ida Red

This firm, bright red apple has a tangy taste that can be very well combined with spices in baking and sweeteners.

  • When stored at a well-controlled temperature, the taste of Ida Red becomes even better over time.
  • Look no further, if you are looking for an ideal apple for baking, you have found it.

8. McIntosh

This type of apple has a juicy acidity that is perfect for homemade compote.

  • It is not ideal for baking, as it does not keep its shape well, but nothing beats the sweet and sour taste of a freshly picked McIntosh crunch from the tree.

9. Red Delicious Apples

Red Delicious apples are probably the most popular variety you will find on the market. Its sweet and firm taste and juicy consistency make it an ideal snack.

  • However, this apple turns into a mealy porridge when baked in the oven.

Although there are countless varieties of apples, these nine types are the ones that are most commonly found in supermarkets, and now you will know which variety to use for your use.