7 attitude adjustments to help you lose weight


The battle to lose weight is above all a game of mind. These simple attitude changes can give you a better chance of losing weight and not gaining it back.

1. Learn how to enjoy food

Being aware of what we eat or really paying attention to what we eat helps to realize how many times you eat food without really paying attention to it. Try this simple exercise:

  • Put a nut in your mouth, close your eyes and roll it in your mouth.
  • Think of the taste of salt, smell the curve of the nut.
  • Bite by focusing on how the nut breaks under your teeth.
  • Chew very slowly as you notice the flavour of the nut filling your mouth. Wasn’t it delicious?

2. Eat at the table

  • When you have a meal or snack, give it your full attention.
  • If you can, sit at a table with a dish, using nothing else for entertainment.
  • Eating when you work, read, drive or watch television is a way to eat more than you think, without tasting your food.

3. Enjoy what you eat

  • Make healthy meals more enjoyable by choosing new and exciting recipes and cooking with your family’s favourite vegetables.
  • Make the dining area more attractive. Create a beautiful table, add flowers and put on some music.

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