7 attitude adjustments to help you lose weight



4. Create a diversion

  • You can hear the chips calling you in the closet, and you can’t think of anything but eating them. These desires usually pass, especially if you distract your attention.
  • Try to get up and do a household task for a few minutes, or listen to a CD. It is likely that by the time the first song is finished, your desire will no longer be there.

5. Don’t be too hungry between meals

  • One reason you start dreaming about pecan pie may be that you are really too hungry. No diet will last if you starve all the time.
  • Keep your appetite calm. If you are hungry between meals, eat a healthy snack, such as a crunchy apple in quarters and a handful of raisins and nuts. Have some tea.
  • Let yourself feel pampered and well nourished.

6. Put the greasy snacks in the back

  • The best way to resist temptation is to empty your cupboards of greasy and sweet snacks.
  • If this causes a family revolt, put the foods you are tempted to eat where you can’t see them and reach them easily.
  • Buy them in small quantities. Buying economical bags helps you think you ate less than you really ate.

7. Taste the temptation

  • Sometimes, succumb to temptation. If a life without chocolate depresses you, eat a small piece once in a while.
  • A little bite doesn’t hurt. The problem is the piece that turns into a bar or the bite that turns into the whole cake.

To cut unhealthy servings and snacks, the trick is often to change your perception of food. Slow down, create diversions and allow yourself a treat from time to time, this can help to form lasting good eating habits.

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