5 Morning Habits That Can Help You Lose Weight Quickly


The breakfast is the most important meal of the day. Yes, that can be true but only if you combine your healthy breakfast meal with everyday healthy morning habits. With a right morning ritual you can improve your metabolism which plays important role in your weight loss regime.

Here are 5 morning habits that can help you lose weight and properly start your day.

1.Increase the intake of protein

It is essential for your body to consume breakfast full of protein. The increased amount of proteins builds muscle mass and keeps you full for a longer time. It also gives you the energy to go through the day. With a full stomach, it will be easier to make smart decisions for lunch because it won’t be ‘crying’ for food the whole morning. So, if you usually drink coffee in the morning, and skip the breakfast, it’s time for you to change this bad morning habit.

2.Chew your food

Chew your food longer and you will burn 5% more calories during the day. You should practice longer chewing not only in the morning but also during other meal in the day. When you eat food rich in nutritive fibre, such as brown rice, carrots and apples you will need a lot more effort to chew it. By doing this, you use your jaw more than usual, and it can help you burn more calories.

3.Expose yourself more to sun

The sun is one of the greatest sources of vitamin D. This vitamin boosts your metabolism, gives you more energy and makes you more motivated and healthier. You only need 30 minutes of sun exposure each morning to feel more energetic. If you combine this with some other activity, it will also help you burn more calories through the day.

4.Take cold shower

Showering with cold water in the morning can help increase your energy, speed up the metabolism, and regulate your hormones. Once the body cools down you burn much more calories because it tries to warm you up. With cold showers, your metabolism will activate extremely fast. This morning ritual can also prepare your body for a big breakfast, which will regulate the blood sugar and reduce the cravings for food through the day.

5.You can sometimes spoil yourself

Don’t be ashamed if you sometime have a pizza or a piece of cake in the morning. This gives your body enough time to digest it. Of course, don’t eat such a breakfast if you plan to stay at home all day. You can have some sweets in the morning if you are active through the day to burn the calories.