283 Bad Habits (The ULTIMATE List of Bad Habits)


Bad Habits That Impact Your Health

There are lots of things that are bad for our health. Driving fast, sky diving, skiing; anything with a decent amount of “risk” involved is bad for our health on some level.

However, most of these endeavors do not meet the criteria for being a “bad habit.” They are just fun activities that have an element of risk involved.

Bad health habits are things that put our lives or wellness at risk with zero upside.

Take the water drinking habit as an example. Most people spend the majority of their lives dehydrated without even realizing it. Being marginally dehydrated for an hour will have no real side effects, but over time, it can add to a slew of potential bad health effects.

The worst thing about many of these bad health habits is that the cures are simple. Getting rid of these bad habits are tiny lifestyle changes that should never be difficult to implement.


Of a bit more difficulty are the “bad eating habits” listed below. Those habits also fall under the umbrella of “bad for your health,” but there are enough of them that they deserve their own topic.

Bad Habits That Impact Your Health

28. Not getting enough sleep

29. Eating past 8 p.m.

30. Not telling your doctor the truth

31. Overeating  (We suggest adding this drink to your diet instead.)

32. Not protecting yourself from the sun

33. Eating too much red meat

34. Poor posture

35. Smoking eCigarettes

36. Spending too much time looking at a screen

37. Not dealing with stress

38. Not maintaining preventative health care

39. Not drinking enough water

40. Putting your health last

41. Distracted driving

42. Not moisturizing

43. Obsessing over things that have already happened

44. Wearing headphones for too many hours

45. Wearing the wrong shoes

46. Frequently wearing high heels for too long

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