283 Bad Habits (The ULTIMATE List of Bad Habits)


Bad Money Habits That Hurt Your Financial Situation

Money may not buy happiness, but it makes us a lot more comfortable, whether we are happy or not.

Seriously though, studies have shown that happiness actually IS affected by money up to a point—that point basically being where you are able to stop “struggling” to meet financial and day-to-day commitments.

Whether you are struggling for every dollar or have enough money that huge tax bills are a serious issue, being wasteful with your money is a shame. Most people work pretty hard for the money they get, and deserve to keep as much of it as possible. Losing money due to bad money habits is something to be avoided.

The following are habits that not only waste your money, but also prevent you from climbing out of any financial pit that you might find yourself in:

Bad Money Habits That Hurt Your Financial Situation

90. Spending to the limit on credit cards

91. Emotional shopping

92. Not prioritizing high-interest debt

93. Only making minimum payments on credit

94. Buying lottery tickets

95. Overspending

96. Paying too many ATM fees

97. Buying coffee, lunch, and snacks every day

98. Not finding the best rates

99. Unused gym memberships

100. Buying holiday gifts at the last minute

101. Gambling

102. Not sticking to you budget

103. Not taking advantage of a 401(k) match plan

104. Overpaying on entertainment

Negative Habits that Increase Your Monthly Bills

In this section, I’ll cover money habits that can easily be improved by making a few small tweaks to your daily routine.


Any one of these bad habits, done one time, will have very little impact—but if you are habitual in many of these bad habits, they will “tax” your income a little bit at a time, every single day, until they have a significant impact your wages.

Let’s look at the habit of leaving a light on when you leave the room. Leaving a light on for 10 minutes while leaving a room may only cost you a penny or two.

But this is a habit that may be repeated many times in a day, in many different rooms of your home or apartment, potentially costing as much as two dollars a day. Thus, turning lights off could potentially add up to $600 extra after a year. Who wouldn’t enjoy an extra $600 at the end of the year?

These bad habits are far from “cardinal sins.” I am sure most of us have done these from time to time. But the simplicity of making a “routine” out of these bad habits make this money we just waste for lack of a very minimal amount of effort and training.

Negative Habits That Increase Your Monthly Bills

​105. Staring into an open fridge (while all cold air goes out)

106. Using incandescent bulbs rather than CFLs

107. Leaving the lights on when you leave the room

108. Taking baths rather than showers


109. Leaving cell phone plugged in, even when it is fully charged

110. Leaving “vampire” electronics plugged in (electronics that draw power even when turned off)

111. Not programming your thermostat

112. Washing only partial loads of laundry or dishes

113. Leaving the heat on when you leave the house

114. Falling asleep with the TV on

115. Not installing storm windows

116. Not cleaning out air filters

117. Leaving fans on in empty rooms

118. Not using energy star efficient appliances

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