283 Bad Habits (The ULTIMATE List of Bad Habits)


12 Really Bad Habits You Can’t Fix Alone

Now we’ll finish with the really bad stuff. The particularly bad…bad habits list.

With the possible exception of smoking, all the habits on this list are pretty rough.

In many ways, habit change can be a “do it yourself” thing. To fix many bad habits all you need is the will to change, the time to build new replacement routines, and an understanding of the triggers that cause bad habits (and how to avoid them).

Most of the bad habits below signify a lot more than just a “bad habit.” There are often many psychological reasons people manifest these really bad habits. They are not habits you can easily get rid of on your own. Seek professional help for these habits. Specialists in your specific area include counselors, psychoanalysts, and psychiatrists.

Bad Habits You Can’t Fix Alone

272. Compulsive lying

273. Bullying

274. Physical abuse

275. Mental abuse

276. Stealing

277. Violent behavior

278. Cheating on spouse

279. Excessive/uncontrollable alcohol use

280. Drugs

281. Smoking (if habit is really bad)

282. Being aggressive toward others (fights, abuse)

283. Overmedicating

How Do You Break These Bad Habits?

The first step in changing any bad habit is finding the precise habit you want to change and then trulyfocusing on making this change. So by just reading this list and deciding which of these habits you exhibit, you have taken that important first step.

Once you are ready to make a change, it is time to start planning the specifics of how, when, where, and what exactly you are going to change.

Rather than reinventing the wheel and adding to an already long post, let me guide you to another post: the ultimate guide to breaking bad habits. This guide is an incredibly detailed review of exactly how to get rid of any bad habit. It details 27 steps you can use to overcome any bad habit.


This guide is very detailed. It covers the ins and out of breaking bad habits. If you are looking for something that is a bit more “quick start,” then this shorter guide to creating new habits to replace your old bad habits may be what you are looking for. I still recommend the longer guide, but this shorter one may be more to the point if you have an easy bad habit to deal with.

​There is  also one last article that may interest you: a list of 203 good habits you can build.

Lastly, if you’re struggling with poor health habits, then I suggest drinking this superfood green drink each morning.

A habit takes up a space in your life. When it is gone, there is an absence. It is recommended to try to replace bad habits with good ones. This helps to fill the gap caused by you no longer indulging in the bad habit. This is like replacing smoking with chewing sugar-free gum. It gives the mouth and mind something to do.

If you are trying to get rid of a bad habit, I would seriously think about replacing it with a good one. It not only helps you beat the bad habit, but it also adds some positivity into the equation by adding something that can really help you into your daily routine.

Thanks for taking your time to read this list of bad habits. We all do things we wish we didn’t, so don’t get down on yourself if you see a few habits on this bad habits list that feel familiar.

The important thing is that you recognize your bad habits and slowly work to change these actions into something positive.

Doing this will slowly transform your life—one habit at a time.

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