Plant Based Ketogenic Diet for Cancer



Cancer thrives on sugar and is influenced by several epigenetic mechanisms. Luckily, a ketogenic diet can be used to deprive cancer of sugar while strategic implementation of plant foods can act on epigenetic mechanisms to help fight cancer.

In order to optimize your diet for fighting cancer, employ the following guidelines:

  • Consume the majority of your calories from healthy fats while reducing carbohydrate intake to 5% or less of daily calories.
  • Consume a variety of plant based foods, such as those listed above and in these two articles: Top 24 Cancer Fighting Foods and Top 12 Cancer Stem Cell Killing Nutrients
  • Restrict protein consumption to around 0.5 g/Kg of bodyweight to reduce mTOR expression.
  • Consider a daily intermittent fast, alternate day fasting, or periodic multiple day fasts to further boost AMPk and reduce mTOR expression

If you are looking for a complete plant based, ketogenic diet program than check our Cancer Cleanse program which uses this along with other advanced strategies to improve your metabolic function, cleanse your system and help you to prevent cancer naturally.

Although it is not a replacement for medical treatment, it provides a foundational nutrition and lifestyle program to follow for anyone that is dealing with cancer at any stage to follow along with more advanced natural and conventional cancer approaches.

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