What Aloe Vera Does To Your Body: Why The Egyptians Called it The Plant of Immortality


How to make it:

Wash  your hands and  the work surface to eliminate any unwanted bacteria.

Use  mature, thick, fleshy ,a deep green in color and 4-6 inches long leaves  because they contain a thick, nutrient-rich gel layer.

Cut the leaves. Use a sharp knife to create a clean cut, without harming the plant of course. Cut close to the base of the leaf and slice away from the center of the plant.

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Rinse the outer skin of the leaves , knife and put them in a bowl at a 45 degree angle for 15 minutes to enables the dark yellow, very bitter Aloe juice  to drain out because it can irritate the intestines. and  cause potassium levels to become low.


Next,remove the serrated edges and skin ,place the concave side down on a cutting board and  slice around the perimeter.  Run the knife under the top layer ,peel it away and then  do the same on the opposite side.

Remove the gel from each leaf , place it in a clean jar, squeeze some lemon juice over it and shake the jar .

Finally put the gel into a food processor and make a smooth gel.  It can stay up to a week.

How to use it:

Just cut the leaf lengthwise and rub the gel on the wound few times a day, until it  heals.

For medicinal use we recommend to take 30 ml of the gel, 3 times a the day.

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