11 Things Your Poop Reveals About Your Health And You Need To Take Note


Watching your health in the 21st century is important because of the several factors that contribute to poor health. In spite of technology and advancements in every field, the toxins produced from such endeavors such as pollution, chemicals and the like have given rise to an increase in diseases like hormonal imbalances. Lifestyle diseases are also on the rise due to inactivity and long desk jobs. The biggest problem is that we forget to pay attention to the signals that our bodies send us. In case you didn’t know, it is your stool that is one of the biggest indicators of health. It may sound gross but the color and shape of your poop reveals a lot of how healthy you are so read this and be well informed. 


1.Poop color: white or clay

Normal poop color is usually brown but this varies from time to time and depends on what you might have eaten the night before. A sudden change of color for no reasons could be a warning sign and this is what you need to find out. 

White or gray type of poop or if it appears clay-colored could mean you are lacking in bile and indicate a possible problem with the liver or gall bladder since these organs produce and store bile. It could be a blockage of bile ducts, gallstones or in severe cases liver cirrhosis. If you see white mucus on brown stools, then that could be an indication of Crohn’s disease.

2.Green Stool

Green stool is an indicator that you may be consuming too many chlorophyll vegetables, or even and excess of drinks that may contain green food coloring. Iron supplements could also make your stool green. When the reason is not food, then it is possible that your stool went through the digestive tract too fast and didn’t get adequate time to absorb bile and bilirubin.

3.Yellow Stool

When your stool is yellow, it could be a blockage of the bile duct or even poor fat absorption. One more reason could be fat absorption and a lack of enzymes that the pancreas produces. This could also be a sign of chronic pancreatitis, celiac disease or cystic fibrosis. There is no need to panic because yellow poop is also a sign that you may have eaten excess carrots or too many yellow-colored drinks.

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