11 Things Your Poop Reveals About Your Health And You Need To Take Note


4.Black Stool

Black stool can also appear when you are taking certain medication such as ibuprofen or iron supplements. On a more serious case it could be a sign of intestinal bleeding in which case you need to see a doctor immediately. Black and blue colored foods like blueberries and licorice can also make your stool shades darker.

5.Red Stool

Red colored poop could be because of foods like beetroot, red-colored drinks and too many tomatoes. But, when the cause is not food, then you will need to see a doctor because it could be a sign of bleeding. Sometimes it may be as harmless as an anal fissure or it may be hemorrhoids, or ulcerative colitis or a form of cancer.


6.Your poop shape 

Scientific research has proved that the stool is an indicator of health and this is why there is also a stool chart created by the British Royal Infirmary called the Bristol Stool Chart that describes 7 types of feces and what they could mean.

7.Goat feces

If the appearance of your stool is like goat feces such as separate solid lumps that look like also nuts, then this is an indication of severe constipation. It also means you lack fiber and need to get more of it. Consume fiber-rich foods like wholewheat pasta, raspberries and lentils.

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