11 Things Your Poop Reveals About Your Health And You Need To Take Note


8.Sausage shaped big and lumpy

When the appearance of the poop is sausage-shaped, big and lumpy, it also means constipation and lack of fiber. When the issue is not with food, it could mean long-term anti-diarrhea or lack of physical activity. Get your fiber intake and eat more vegetables and fruits. Start exercising too.

9.Cracked sausage shaped

This means your stool is normal and you are just fine although it wouldn’t hurt to start drinking more water. The perfect looking stool is a soft sausage shape and smooth. Maintain your diet and avoid stress to keep your health the way it is.


10.Soft lumps

When your stool looks like soft lumps with clear edges, it could indicate light diarrhea or a sign of irritable bowel syndrome. Start eating foods low in fiber such as bananas, potatoes and crackers.

11.Fluffy stool

If your stool appears fluffy and has ragged edges, then it could also mean mild diarrhea and there is an excess of fiber in your diet. Drink more water to avoid dehydration and eat foods like boiled potatoes and bananas. It would be advisable to take some OTC medication like Pepto Bismol on doctor’s advice and if this continues for more than 2 days, consult a doctor.

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