Reflexology is a natural method of healing which is done by applying pressure to certain areas of the hands, feet and ears. It is done by specific hand, finger and thumb techniques and is art which must be learnt. By applying pressure to these zones specific areas of the body are being targeted.

The main appeal of reflexology is that it is a natural therapy which requires no use of prescribed medications. Reflexology has its origins set in Egypt and is a treatment form that is slowly becoming more recognized today in the Western parts of the world.


Recent studies have been done that are proving reflexology to be beneficial. At least 24 separate studies were conducted which ran ECG tests showing that reflexology allowed the patients to relax.

Other test studies show that this treatment method is helpful for the following conditions:

  • Pain relief
  • Improve blood flow and circulation
  • Post operative recovery
  • Improves blood pressure and cholesterol
  • Reduces depression and anxiety
  • Can ease symptoms for chemotherapy patients
  • Helpful during pregnancy and labor
  • Stress relief

Simple reflexology methods can be done by yourself or another family member. This includes using a foot roller or a golf ball several times a day. It is recommended to use this method morning, noon and night.

For more advanced techniques you should seek the advice and treatment procedures from a professional reflexologist. They can also teach you how to do certain treatments at home.

Reflexology should not be mistaken for massage therapy as they are not the same. Massage therapy is normally done in conjunction with using oils, lotions and creams. While reflexology uses none of these additional items and focuses on using specific pressure points to relieve symptoms.

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